To our frontline healthcare workers, to our devoted steadfast medical and paramedical soldiers, who stand tall and mighty to save Tunisian’s lives by risking theirs💓Thank you for your commitment, your devotion, your hardwork, we all know that this unexpected raid by this microscopic ennemy Covid-19 is really hard for everyone, this breakdown and social uproar is highly decreased only by your endless efforts that are also highly praised.Thank you for leaving your families to save others, we all know that we wasn’t that ready to face such a sanitary crisis on all scales, this pandemic has taken the world by storm, but with your endless efforts the situation is under control, no new confirmed cases, number of healing people is increasing as well.. When I think of the amazing bravery and dedication you keep on manifesting to ensure the well-being of those entrusted to your care,it fills me with admiration and deep gratitude. Words can’t describe how thankful I am ,I extend my deepest respect and sincerest appreciation to all the medical staff for every kind perform they manifested regarding the benefit of us all. Thank you for being that shining bright thread of hope in the darkest tunnel, thank you for being there when nobody was around, you’re surely someone’s source of hope, that strong bond that connects him to life💜💜 thank you Heroes, I know some of you work abroad , my highest praise to all our medical staff who’re contributing to control this pandemic in other countries as well, our hearts are with you💓💓 I’d thank you from the bottom of my heart but my heart doesn’t have a bottom for you💓💓 keep up the good work💪🇹🇳 !!!!